In May of 1948, Everett and Ernest won the contract
to install incandescent lighting at Holman Stadium, 
home of the Nashua Dodgers, bringing nighttime baseball
to the Nashua area. Everett’s vision had 
come to life, but more success would follow.

In 1957, the business incorporated as Johnson’s Electric Supply.  Everett’s grandson Gregory became involved in the business after high school and then after a tour of duty with the United States Air force, worked at the family business full-time as an electrician. Everett remained involved with the business and continued to work until his death in 1969 at which time the business passed on to Ernest, his wife Ileene and their son Gregory, who ran the business for many years.

Eventually, Gregory’s son Peter joined the business after completing college in 1984. A few years later, he took over daily company operations, working alongside his father.
In 1986, Johnson Electric Supply relocated to Harbor Avenue, where the focus on electrical work surpassed appliance sales.

Now here is where the story comes full circle. In 1998, 50 years to the month when minor league baseball team Nashua Pride came to town, Peter and his father Gregory upgraded the lighting at Holman Stadium, taking down all the poles and refitting them with modern lighting. 

Johnson’s has always sold lighting and in 2000, a subsidiary retail lighting store, Just Lights, was added on Main Street, specializing in lights and home accent accessories such as mirrors, tables, and small furniture. Peter’s wife Tamara manages Just Lights, while his sister Heather handles sales and lighting design.  

Around this same time, the electrical contracting portion of the business relocated to their current location at 29 Front Street and Peter became President, following his father’s retirement. He works alongside his wife Tamara who manages Just Lights, three siblings, Kurt (Vice President), Pam (secretary), and Heather (treasurer), and brother-in-laws Mark and Kevin (electricians) who round out the family’s contributions.

Johnson’s Electric Supply is committed to supporting the community through numerous charities such as the Nashua Soup Kitchen, Harbor Homes, and the Nashua Police Athletic League. In addition, last year, they donated labor equaling $10,000 to the City of Nashua Park and Recreation Department to install lighting on Artillery Lane at a baseball field located behind Holman Stadium.  
Johnson's Electric Supply, 100 Factory Street, Unit 1B, Nashua, NH  03060,   603-882-9757

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celebrating over 100 years of service!   603-882-9757
Johnson's Electric Shop Employees, circa 1920
Johnson’s Electric Supply, a fourth-generation electrical contracting company, is proud to celebrate 100 years of dedicated service to the Nashua area. Primarily an electrical contracting business, they serve residential, commercial, and industrial customers. 

For more information, please contact Johnson’s Electric Supply at 603-882-9757.  Visit our subsidiary retail store, Just Lights,  at or contact them at 603-578-9482.

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In 1912, at the age of 21, Everett Johnson founded Johnson’s Electric Shop on Park Street in downtown Nashua. Although electricity was brand new at the time and nearly everybody thought it was just a passing fad, Everett viewed it as a pathway to the future.

He was a real pioneer bringing electricity to Nashua. He started the business by swapping iceboxes for electric refrigerators and gaslights to electric lights. It didn’t take Everett long to realize that there was a huge demand for electrical workers and there simply weren’t enough to keep 
up with the growing demand so it was a natural progression for him to 
start doing the installation as well as selling appliances and lighting.
Over time, Johnson’s Electric Shop grew and relocated to 209 Main Street. “He was the number one dealer for Westinghouse appliances for the New England Area for many years,” says great-grandson Peter. 

Everett’s two sons, Ernest and Everett Johnson Jr. joined the business and ran it alongside him for a number of years. Eventually, Everett Jr. sold his share of the business and moved to the Virgin Islands. 
Historic Holman Stadium, Circa 1950